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…who needs enemies.

Today we’ll be doing a Rival WOD. A rival wod is similar to a partner wod. You’ll be in teams of two, and you’ll be competing against the other teams to finish and avoid the team penalties. The first place team gets away scott-free. The 2nd place owes 10 empty bar thrusters. The 3rd place team owes 20. The number of team thrusters goes up by 10 every time a team finishes. (Coaches: scale reps for beginner teams so they can still compete for a finish placement).

What makes this a a Rival Wod, is that you’ll also be competing against your partner/rival on each movement. The loser on each movement will owe 5 burpee pull ups at the end. This is how it will work:

On the 400m run, each team member will start at the same time. You do not have to stay together (but you both must finish before moving on to the next movement). Whoever finishes first wins. The loser will owe 5 burpee pull ups and get to choose who starts first on the next movement.

For the remaining movements, you will work one at a time to complete the reps. You win the movement by completing the final rep. So for example, whoever does the 200th double under wins. The catch is each rep is must be consecutive. Once you break, you must allow your partner/rival to take a turn. So plan your strategies now. Expect a lot of small sets, until someone makes a break for it and tries to close out that movement. And remember you’re also competing against other the other teams, so you’ll want to minimize transitions.

After finishing, you’ll complete your team penalty as a team, and then knock out any individual penalties.

Rival WOD

For time as a team of rivals:
400m Run
200 Double unders
100 Wall balls 20/14
50 Ring dips
25 Back squats 185/135
Double under scale is 2:1.

Virtual White Board

Rival WOD
Athlete Time RX? Comments
12:05 RX With james; 2nd place; 3 rounds of burpee penalties
14:30 RX W/ Laura

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