Watch the CrossFit Games this weekend, and then live it all next week


For those of you interested in the sport of competitive exercising (aka CrossFit), then be sure to check out the CrossFit Games (aka the Superbowl of exercising).

It is a great opportunity to watch the best in the business go head to head for the title of “Fittest in the World”.

ESPN is broadcasting most of the Games and some of it is being live-streamed as well. See for more details.

And those of you that watch and think, “I sure wish I could be put through the same torturous workouts as the pros”, well you’re in luck. Next week is CFCM Games Week. I’ve got versions of every Games workout programmed for the week. Some will be slightly modified, but they will all be challenging and a lot of fun.

So check out the Games this weekend and get a preview of what’s coming next week.