Tricia Crawson

Age: 41
Height: 66 inches
Weight: 144 lbs
Favorite WOD: Grace
Least Favorite WOD: Karen
Favorite Lift: Power Clean
When did you start CrossFit?
Jan 2009
2008: 36 yrs old, pack-a-day smoker (20 yrs), poptarts for breakfast, cereal for dinner (or those great frozen Bertolli meals you throw in the pan), daily struggle with digestive issues, mandatory chocolate bar and Pepsi at 1500,etc...rnJan 2009: Begin CrossFit.rn2013: Age 41 (feel like I'm 28 though which is why I keep trying to compete with Jaclyn) Smoke-free since 2009, LOTS more muscle, heck of a lot of energy, no more digestive issues or knee pain, and doc says based on my bloodwork I'll see 100 for sure! I finally feel like I am actually "living" life, not trying to survive it.
What is your athletic background?
None. I sucked at sports and not coordinated enough for aerobics. Only did what little I had to do pass APFT.
How I eat:
Almost 100 % paleo/primal. I don't cheat much and not because I'm some paleo food snob (which I can be that too) but I see no reason to eat something that makes me feel bad; the fun in eating non-paleo foods was lost on me over a year ago.
Why I Crossfit:
It's fricken fun and the people are awesome. I'm inspired every day by my fellow crossfitters. Each day is a new challenge and I'm always learning and evolving as athlete.
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