Age: 32
Height: 67 inches
Weight: 134 lbs

When did you start CrossFit?
Wife, mom of a toddler, and Massage Therapist. I served 12 years Active Duty, had a little break to raise the little guy and attend Massage school, and now I'm ADOS with the Master Fitness Trainer Course.
What is your athletic background?
I've been an Endurance Athlete for 10 years now. I've completed 4 marathons, 1 Half Ironman, and countless races at the half marathon and shorter distances. I love triathlon and plan to complete a full Ironman in 2015.
How I eat:
Dabbling with Paleo for a few months but still haven't figured out the right macros to fuel my training.
Why I Crossfit:
It's about time I work on my strength to supplement my endurance. I've attended about a dozen CrossFit classes over the past few years and I'm just drawn to it. I also want to look like Christmas Abbott.

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