Paula Andrews

Age: 30
Height: 60 inches
Weight: 134 lbs

When did you start CrossFit?
Wow, well lets see. I'm married to Jason Andrews. We have 4 handsome boys Ian 11, Ben 7, Bryce 5, and Luke 2. I am a Christian. I am an Accountant II for CFMO. I've been in the guard for 10 years now. I am currently in the last semester of college.
What is your athletic background?
I like Volleyball and Swimming. My bestie, Crystal Johnson, introduced me to Zumba and Crossfit which I now hope to do daily! Well maybe not both daily.
How I eat:
I eat everything except breads/pasta and sweets i.e ice cream, cakes, cookies. I eat alot of fruit, mostly berries and peaches and I don't drink sodas.
Why I Crossfit:
I crossfit to tone and to re-strengthen my core. I battled cancer 1 year, 2 months, and 10 days ago. That's how long I've been cancer free. I had multiple surgeries, all which were done to the abdominal area. So no strength at all. That is going to change, I am determined:)

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