Laura F

Age: 46
Height: 61 inches

When did you start CrossFit?
June 2012
Coming back after having a rock climbing fall on June 1st, 2013, where I broke my ankle, cracked ribs and had several lacerations and major bruising all over my body. I had surgery on my lower tibia to put 2 (home depot) screws in to stabilize the break 11 June. July 22nd I was off crutches and July 29th got rid of the cast. No heavy weights or running till after 4 October so I am scaling and modifying WODs on a daily basis with the help of our awesome coaches! I will be posting my modifications with each WOD for the next few months IOT possibly help anyone else looking for ways to modify WODs for injuries. Stay Tuned!
What is your athletic background?
Tough Mudder and like races, horseback riding, scuba diving, ballet (growing up), skydiving (civilian), rock climbing (maybe not for awhile), hiking and most recently Running half marathons and completed my first Triathlon May 2013!
How I eat:
Paleo/Primal. My eating went "off the rails" while I was on crutches for 2 months and occasionally I let the stress of work wear me down where I will eat too much good and crappy food for a weekend or a week. I am now back to Paleo eating (with occasional treats on Saturdays). My energy and clarity in thinking is improving! This is great because my work demands attention to detail and lots of energy to effectively manage my workload and be assertive when I need to delegate work.
Why I Crossfit:
To get my body, mind and spirit healthy and ready for my goal of finishing my first Marathon this December. Of course weight loss and improved body composition are in the whys, can't deny. I CrossFit because I enjoy being healthy, strong and doing outdoor activities with my friends and family. Every class is a challenge and I love starting my day this way. It prepares me for what the day will bring. The only personal best I am 100% dedicated to is to be my 100% best in body, mind and spirit!
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