Kristie Hilliard

Age: 27
Height: 70 inches
Weight: 170 lbs
Favorite WOD: Nancy, love OH Squats
Least Favorite WOD: Nancy, hate running
Favorite Lift: Overhead Squats
When did you start CrossFit?
September 2012
Who I am in an improperly formatted "sentence:" a CIV Behavioral Health Case Specialist, Grad student working on my Masters in Social Work, I have fallen deeply in love with Crossfit, I love weightlifting WODs (overhead squats are my favorite), Running is evil! Yeah, that about sums it up:-)
What is your athletic background?
How I eat:
I'm very health conscious so I try to eat clean throughout the week but on the weekends I satisfy my sweet tooth:-)
Why I Crossfit:
I really enjoy the supportive environment and the variety of the workouts, which eliminates the possibility of getting bored! I also enjoy the challenge and it is the perfect way to relieve the stress of grad school:-)
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