Justin K

Age: 26
Height: 67 inches
Weight: 205 lbs
Least Favorite WOD: The Non Workout Days
Favorite Lift: ALL OF THEM
When did you start CrossFit?
23 July 2013
Once upon a time I was extremely athletic (see athletic background for details). Long story short, life and responsibilities hit me right in the face which I used as an excuse to temporarily retire from extreme physical fitness. After six years and 50 lbs later, I looked in the mirror and said "Oh, hell no!" I realized that excuses made time go by too fast. I decided it's shredding time.
What is your athletic background?
I was in kung fu for about 6 years, Kicks International Karate for 2 years and Gracie Jujitsu for 2 years. I was also a powerlifter and novice arm wrestler. My pride and joy was martial arts and I am currently thinking about getting back into it part time along with CrossFit.
How I eat:
Paleo style, yeah! (a pinch of cheat days added) Any foods that contain a U or K symbol (Kosher), I eat. Keep it easy and keep it clean, Bam!
Why I Crossfit:
I CrossFit because I used to be fitness bad ass back in the day and I want that back while I am still young and hardcore.

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