Ben Cross

Age: 33
Height: 72 inches
Weight: 165 lbs
Favorite WOD: Amanda
Least Favorite WOD: Nancy
Favorite Lift: Snatch
When did you start CrossFit?
Summer of 2012
Husband to another Crossfitter and father to two crazy boys. I work at the CFMO here on Camp Mabry. I started coming to Crossfit Camp Mabry in August of 2012 and haven't looked back since.
What is your athletic background?
Played lacrosse in college. Dabbled in running until I discovered CrossFit and realized how boring long and slow running is.
How I eat:
I eat paleo-ish as a rule, but allow myself plenty of exceptions.
Why I Crossfit:
I like feeling strong, and I love the variety of challenges being thrown at you on a daily basis.
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