Belinda Reyes

Age: 37

Favorite WOD: Running/Jogging
Least Favorite WOD: Roxanne
Favorite Lift: IDK yet
When did you start CrossFit?

What is your athletic background?
I love to box (title), distance jog/run, I've completed two tough mudders and will be signing up for my third. I recently started playing slow pitch softball and just got back to Crossfit.
How I eat:
I eat as clean as I can. I do indulge from time to time with family and loved ones; what can I say, I'm human 🙂
Why I Crossfit:
Why I decided to CrossFit... mostly because it feels great! Looking great is a must for me too; I'm 40, fitness and health help keep me young and strong 🙂 I started crossfit to prepare for the Komen 5K a few years ago so that I could honor a dear friend battling breast cancer. Vicky continues to be my inspiration, as I trained I witnessed her valiant fight until the end, without ever complaining. If she could do it, there's no excuse for anyone to limit their physical and mental abilities when it comes to "giving it all you got". Vicky is in heaven now, but she made sure to leave her legacy of brut strength and will power to those that were blessed to know her.

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