About Us

CrossFit Camp Mabry is free to all DoD ID Card Holders

Crossfit Camp Mabry

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Box Location:

Camp Mabry

2200 W. 35th St
Building 30
Austin, Texas
If location changes, we will let you know on the blog.

Class Times:



  1. Must be a DoD ID Card holder.
  2. Must be motivated.
  3. Must complete 3-hr elements class.

Elements Class:

All new athlethes must complete the Elements Class. If you have attended a class in the past but have not done CrossFit on a regular basis for 8 months or longer, you are required to attend the Elements Class before starting again. Classes are offered monthly on a Tues, Wed, Thurs from 1200-1300. See Upcoming Events for dates.

To sign up for the class, you must register here.  If no date is listed, we currently do not have a class scheduled. If you are unable to select a date in the drop down menu next to Registration Information, the class is full. Please check back at a later date for new openings and classes.

Exceptions: If you have attended an elements class (foundations, on-ramp, CF Basics) at another box, email proof of attendance to wcfmabyr@gmail.com and we will waive your elements class requirement. If you are CF LV1 certified, just send a copy of your certificate to us.

Using the Website

The CFCM website is available for everyone to use. Through it, you’ll be able to view each days WOD and record your result. You’ll be able to view a virtual whiteboard with everyone’s results as well as track your progress on Crossfit benchmarks. You can even set up a profile and create some goals. You can find out more about getting started here.


If you are an experienced CrossFitter traveling to Austin and want to catch a WOD with us while you are in town, we’d love to have you! Just drop us an email and let us know.

Gym Rules

Article 1 – Right to a Clean Facility

  • Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout.
  • Put away equipment in their proper place/location.
  • Clean up sweat, spit, blood, chalk, dirt, vomit, handprints, and whatever else you’ve left behind.

Article 2 – Conditions Regarding “Attitude”

  • Come to train, not “workout”.
  • Leave your rank and personal drama at the office.
  • Check your ego at the door.
  • No excuses. Train like a champ.
  • Don’t worry about how you look. Worry about how you perform.
  • Never say “I can’t.” Self pity accomplishes nothing.
  • Help others be better than you.
  • Welcome newcomers, introduce yourself and build the CFCM community.

Article 3 – Right to Respect

  • Be on time or you won’t participate. At 5 minutes after you will not be able to attend class.
  • Respect others and listen to your coaches.
  • No excessive use of profanity. (Please note we are not G-rated.)
  • In the gym, we are all equal.
  • Don’t take or move another athlete’s equipment without their consent.
  • Use deodorant and wear clean clothes (not stinky ones)

Article 4 – Personal Responsibility

  • Bring water to class. The water fountains are not water bottles; they are used to refill yours.
  • Bring your log book to class.
  • If you’re contagious, stay home!
  • Let a coach know if you are injured or hurt.
  • Anyone can call an unsafe act.
  • Be responsible for your own fitness. Push when necessary and Scale when needed. Scaling back a workout when necessary is intelligent, not weak. You cannot get fitter by staring at a bar that is too heavy. Always remember -Mechanics, Consistency, then Intensity!
  • BURPEE INCENTIVES – you may cry and whine all you want, as long as we can hear you counting.