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Latest WOD: Games Week Day 3: Hold that midline

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 posted by Ben
squat clean

We’re tackling two Games workouts today: the Clean Speed Ladder and the Midline March.

During the Clean Speed Ladder, the athletes had to race through 5 squat cleans of increasing weight. The top finishers moved on to two more rounds where the weights got even higher. The female weights started at 155 and progressed to 225. The male weights started at 245 and progressed to 345.

Since we don’t have the equipment to have 2 dozen barbells step with progressively heavier weight, so we’re going to do 3 speed rounds of 5 squat cleans and increase the weight between rounds.

If maintaining good form on the squat clean didn’t smoke your core enough, then rest assured you’ll feel the burn during the next workout.

Here’s how the pros did on the Midline March. Annie Thorsdottir was the top female finishing in 6:34. 18 women did not finish. Rich Fronning led the men with a time of 5:25, and 5 men did not finish.

Squat Clean “Speed Ladder”

7 min:
60 seconds to complete 5 squat cleans 135/95
Rest 2 min
60 seconds to complete 5 squat cleans 155/115
Rest 2 min
60 seconds to complete 5 squat cleans 185/135
Scale weight appropriately, but weight does need to increase each round.

Record total reps completed out of 15

Midline March

3 RFT:
25 GHD Situps
50 ft handstand walk
50 ft overhead walking lunge 155/115
Scale for the handstand walk is 5 wall walks.

See the whiteboard

Our Athletes in Action

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Yesterday’s Whiteboard Warriors

Games Week Day 2: Muscle Up Biathlon

Pull Up Biathlon
Athlete Time RX? Comments
Mireya Cruz
18:10 Scaled Pull up (2x break)/Dips
13:02 Scaled Red band dips, pull ups unbroken
Muscle Up Biathlon
Athlete Time RX? Comments
26:17 RX 8 breaks. 8/5/3/2, 5/4/3/3, 4/4/4
16:49 RX 5 breaks